TechnoJAM, a technical community of School of Computing Science and Engineering Galgotias University was established in 2015 with an objective to work on various innovative projects which will bestow creative minds thinking patterns to the upcoming future engineers so that our mind can boost enough so that we can face any hurdles in the way of learning new tactics to deal with ever changing of dynamic technology.

It is a platform to promote and coordinate research and development by students, through student-industry interaction giving students freedom and opportunities to work upon diverse areas of technology,as well as, pursue their own ideas so as to become innovators. To enhance the technical innovativeness of our institute students, we organize Seminars, Workshops, Hackathons, Techfest and many other competitions on various technical level in order to attract the interest of the students towards technical aspects of their education.

200 Members

Team TechnoJam consist of 200 people and we all work together like a strong team.

20+ Events

Technojam conducts more than 20 events per year.

3000+ Attendees

TechnoJam Reached upto 3000 people through its events.


Here are all the upcoming as well as all the previously conducted events by the TechnoJam team.

29/03/19 10.00 AM In Galgotias University #Hackathon


By Team TechnoJam

TechFest’19 is 3-day technical fest of Galgotias University. Techfest’19, based on theme ‘UNIVERSE – Opportunities as vast as the universe we live in!’, will carry series of fun & learning technical events such as Dexter Lab, Hackathon, Developer Date, Treasure Hunt and Prowar. TechFest ’19 will include TechTalks and workshop to enhance your technical capabilities

To be decieded In Galgotias University #Workshop

Android Workshop

By Team TechnoJam

Team TechnoJam is presenting a android workshop in which we will introduce some basic terms of Android and we will also do a hands on session

25/02/19 10.00 AM Room A-301 #Workshop

Google Cloud Study Jam

By Sashi Bhushan

Google Cloud Study Jam will get hands-on practice with the Google Cloud Platform’s fundamental tools and services. Attendees get 30 days free access to the Qwiklabs ($70+ value). Attendees will get hands on training on GCP features and monitoring Google Compute Engine virtual machine (VM) instance with Stackdriver.

20/11/18 10.00 AM In Galgotias University #Hackathon

Dexterix Hackathon

By Team TechnoJam

Dexterix 2018 is Galgotias University first ever 12-hour hackathon Event. This hackathon is focused to enhance coding environment across campus. Themes for hackathon will be Build for GU, Healthcare, Fintech, Education and E-Governance. Each team will be judged and mentored by some of the top influential persons of the industry.

27/01/19 10.00 AM Room A-301 #Workshop

Roadmap To GSOC

By Hitesh Gautam(GSOC'18 Apache Fondation)

Roadmap to Google Summer of Code workshop is essentially focused on making the attendants more familiar about the different dimensions of GitHub, accompanied by an introduction to GSoC. The speaker for the event will be Mr. Hitesh Gautam, GSOC’18 Apache Foundation.



Anubhav Raj Singh

Akshat Akarsh

Anil Kumar Yadav

Anurag Verma

Kritika Saxena

Mayank Jain

Praveen Singh

Shashwat Singh

Abhimanyu Dwivedi

Abhimanyu Dwivedi

Abhishek Kumar


Ankit Anmol

Ankush Shrivastava

Anshika Soni

Astha Singh

Ayush Gupta

Darshan Baid

Deepanshu Goyal

Divyansh Chaurasia

Himanshu Singh

Kushagra Singhal

Lokesh Tiwari

Manas Khurana

Neham Soni

Prakhar Srivastava

Priyanshu Trivedi

Rahul Chauhan

Rahul Godella

Rahul Singh


Sakshi Gupta

Saloni Mehra

Satyam Bharti

Shivam Sharma

Vidit Varshney

Vishal Kumar

Ashwani Tripathi

Ayush Tiwari

Danish Jamal

Naman Jain


Saurabh Kumar

Shreyansh Deep

Vineeta Chaudhary

Lakshya Bansal



Our team has formed many other communities which include GU Student Developers Group, Slack Group, Cybermafias and many other so that students may get wide exposure to think and create.


There are so many projects we develop together to enhance our development skills.

Members Actvities:-

Our aim is to work on live projects to make the institute high-tech and represent our institute by participating at National level Tech-Fest and other technical events all around the nation.

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